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We offer a wide range of products and services along with our strategic partners and affiliate entities in all industries including but not limited to petroleum, refined products, alternative energy, commodities, finance, mining, infrastructure, construction, water filtration, project management, real estate development sectors, textile and manufacturing.


Ceran International works within the regions of Latin America, Pacific Nations, Asia, Emirates, Middle East, Soviet Union, Africa and Europe. Our buyers and strategic partners come from across the globe specializing in all industries including finance, commodity trading, mining, infrastructure and real estate development.

Agriculture and Hydroponics

We work with an urban agriculture program addressing the opportunity that lies in the intersection of malnutrition, poverty, and low educational attainment. It is a ground-breaking program to serve the community through wellness & nutrition education playing an important role in productive green urban infrastructure and community development. The applications applied are intensive growing methods adapted to urban spaces that can result in yields per acre above and beyond conventional production allowing for a significant contribution to food security as well as being a catalyst for larger food system transformation. This is a mobile and scalable business model that will prove its efficacy as a food justice platform; in order to rapidly expand around the world.

Through educational and training programs, community residents are given the opportunity to generate revenue, long-term employment and environmental benefits using the viable business models that can be established by taking advantage of multiple revenue streams.

Some of the opportunities are:

  • Urban Farming Education –Curriculum teaching urban farming production through hydroponics, aqua-ponics, and traditional soil based growing techniques
  • Fitness Team Training and Completion –Fitness, dance, and music are showcased in the form of completions and talent shows
  • Daytime Dance Club and Salad Bar
  • Family Nutrition and Wellness Club –Hands-on Farm Training, Dietary Education Workshops, family Fitness Workout Classes, Restaurant-sponsored Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
  • Urban Farm Training Summer Jobs for Youth –Summer youth employment program where students learn through Urban Farm Training, Farmers Market Management, and Nutrition workshops
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