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We offer a wide range of products and services along with our strategic partners and affiliate entities in all industries including but not limited to petroleum, refined products, alternative energy, commodities, finance, mining, infrastructure, construction, water filtration, project management, real estate development sectors, textile and manufacturing.


Ceran International works within the regions of Latin America, Pacific Nations, Asia, Emirates, Middle East, Soviet Union, Africa and Europe. Our buyers and strategic partners come from across the globe specializing in all industries including finance, commodity trading, mining, infrastructure and real estate development.


Ceran International is a progressive financial expert in international projects. Our clients benefit from our highly qualified and competent consultants with years of experience in theirown specialties. These consultants will assist you with a hands-on approach in the following disciplines:

  • Financial Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Project Funding
  • Letters of Credit
  • Concept Development
  • Risk Assessments and Controls
  • Cash Control
  • Quality Management
  • Private Placement Programs
  • International Trade
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Instruments

Our firm emphasizes independence, professional integrity and a practical hands-on approach for solving complicated tasks in order to provide high quality service in all kinds of projects and trade development. Our consultants have advised governments, local authorities and international businesses alike. We are thus able to provide high quality, innovative and reliable services in the fields of trade, oil, energy and other sustainable projects.

In a typical investment project, CI will take the lead in assisting our Client –from feasibility studies and management of the technical risks through to the realization of investment projects and trade challenges. We have a worldwide network and experience in a range of financial solutions for technical projects, including dealing with bank guarantees and stand-by letters of credit, to the creation of liquidity through the trading of securities, etc.

CI is also presently in negotiation with the Governments of Oman and India, structuring investments to provide funding for oil and gas production infrastructure in their respective countries. In addition to oil and gas facilities, we also have investments in geothermal energy, hydroelectric power and water treatment projects.  

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