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We offer a wide range of products and services along with our strategic partners and affiliate entities in all industries including but not limited to petroleum, refined products, alternative energy, commodities, finance, mining, infrastructure, construction, water filtration, project management, real estate development sectors, textile and manufacturing.


Ceran International works within the regions of Latin America, Pacific Nations, Asia, Emirates, Middle East, Soviet Union, Africa and Europe. Our buyers and strategic partners come from across the globe specializing in all industries including finance, commodity trading, mining, infrastructure and real estate development.

Commodities Trading

Ceran International trades in the following commodities:

Food Products

                Poultry                                  Sugar                     Edible Oils                           Coffee


Precious Stones

                Rough                                  Uncut Diamonds                 Emeralds                                             

                Rubies                                   Sapphires


Precious Metals

                AU Buillon                           AU Dust                                AU Dore

                Platinum                               Palladium                             Silver

                Copper                                  Copper Dust



                Plutonium                             Titanium                               Marble

                Feldspar                                Quartz                                   Bauxite

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