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We offer a wide range of products and services along with our strategic partners and affiliate entities in all industries including but not limited to petroleum, refined products, alternative energy, commodities, finance, mining, infrastructure, construction, water filtration, project management, real estate development sectors, textile and manufacturing.


Ceran International works within the regions of Latin America, Pacific Nations, Asia, Emirates, Middle East, Soviet Union, Africa and Europe. Our buyers and strategic partners come from across the globe specializing in all industries including finance, commodity trading, mining, infrastructure and real estate development.

Energy – Alternative Energy and Power

Our partnerships in alternative energy and power focus on off-grid renewable products. Our focus is on fostering innovation in the clean tech industry by developing lighting products that eliminate the need for underground wiring to produce significant cost savings compared with traditional, grid-connected lamp posts. These fixtures use solar systems or combination wind turbine and solar system to provide reliable, off-grid lighting in the most demanding environments.







energyaepdorpIn addition, through our partners, we can provide clean power for any off-grid application such as telecom towers and backup power for traffic lights. This solar solution for telecom towers has been designed to produce a payback period less than three years in diesel and O&M savings. In addition, unlike competing solutions, it will not involve an ongoing battery replacement cost every two years.



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