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We offer a wide range of products and services along with our strategic partners and affiliate entities in all industries including but not limited to petroleum, refined products, alternative energy, commodities, finance, mining, infrastructure, construction, water filtration, project management, real estate development sectors, textile and manufacturing.


Ceran International works within the regions of Latin America, Pacific Nations, Asia, Emirates, Middle East, Soviet Union, Africa and Europe. Our buyers and strategic partners come from across the globe specializing in all industries including finance, commodity trading, mining, infrastructure and real estate development.

Energy – Oil & Gas

Supply of Oil and Gas – Over the past six years, Ceran International has developed an extensive petroleum product trading network. Our clients are project developers, end buyers and resellers of petroleum products including a diverse range from small traders to leading multi-national corporations.

  • ThemainproductswithwhichweworkareD2,D6,Mazut,JP54, A1,LNGand Crude.
  • Today we continuetobuilduponstrongcontactswiththeproducersandrefineries primarilyinRussia,Belarus, Kazakhstan,UnitedStatesof AmericaandTurkey,whereweserveasasupplierofcrudefor such refineries as Pertamina Refinery and Tupras Refinery, etc. As such we are able to provide long-term uninterrupted supplies of crude oil to ensure continuous operations of refineries.
  • Our present contracts include supplying crude oils from the Arabian Peninsula, Russia, and Nigeria to refineries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Turkey.
  • Specifically for LNG, we are currently supplying to Asia, Norway and Netherlands for quantities up to 500,000 MT per month to each of these countries and continents. Presently, we have LNG allocations from Qatar, Africa, Malaysia and Russia.
  • Our extensive experiences in the field of international trade, technical project development and structuring financial deals also allow us to provide financial solutions for our clients from dealing with bank guarantees and stand-by letters of credit to the creation of liquidity through the trading of securities, etc.

Due to confidentiality agreements, relevant information regarding our supply contracts can only be disclosed upon request through a Letter of Intent (LOI) or during our tabletop meeting.

Technology for extraction of oil and gas from closed wells –CI holds an exclusive patent license for a technology for the recovery of oil and gas wells. CI has initiated projects to explore oil wells that were previously shut-off due to lack of technology enabling economical oil extraction.It is expected that up to 80% of the remaining capacity of the well can be recovered through this technology.


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